Longevity Lifestyle Matters

Whether your goal is reaching and maintaining a higher level of health, creating emotional and spiritual balance, or achieving clarity in thought and attitude, it all starts in the brain.

Starting on Wednesday 15th of May from 7pm to 9pm until Wednesday 31st of July (12 sessions).

$120 for the whole program which includes:

  • Admittance at 12 sessions
  • LLM eBook (284 pages)
  • LLM Companion eBook (174 pages)
  • LLM audio Book
  • LLM Adventure eBook (204 pages)

Book your place now by prepaying (the first choice below) or via RSVP to pay in installments:

Pre-Pay $120

Buy Now $120




Longevity Lifestyle Matters starting on the 15/5/19 @ 7.00pm $70 at first session then $10 a session for five sessions for a total of $120
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