Brain Function Conference 2019

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Noah’s on the Beach, Newcastle, NSW
includes morning tea and lunch.


This is the age of the brain. As neurological and mental diseases are becoming more common, research is shedding light on how to keep the brain healthier and happier for longer.

The Conference will benefit: Health Professionals, Allied Health and Aged Care Workers, Educators, Counsellors, Clergy and all others interested in the topic of brain function.

The Brain Function Conference 2019, brings together the latest research combined with practical information so you and your patients can maintain healthy brain function well into old age. An exciting line up of academics and researchers will bring their ideas to the table:

Arlene Taylor, PhD

  • Depression, Anxiety & M-F Differences
  • The Depressed & “Altered” Suicidal Brain
  • Lowering the Risk of Depression and Depression-Dementia

Darren Morton, PhD

  • Prescribing happiness: lifestyle prescriptions for improving mental health and emotional vitality

David Stojcic, MA

  • Contributors to Depression
  • The Depression & its Impact on Family and Carers

The Presenters


Arlene R. Taylor, BSc (Nur), MSc (Epid, HEd), PhD (H&HumServ), PhD (Clin. P. Coun)

Dr Taylor, a leading speaker on brain function, is sometimes referred to as the brain guru. She specializes in simplifying this complex topic, with the goal of helping individuals understand more about the brain in general and their own in particular. She delights in helping others learn how to thrive by design. Whether through live presentations, television, and radio, CDs and DVDs, or through her internationally published books and articles, success stories pour in from the four corners of the world.

As a sought-after charismatic speaker who presents practical brain-function information in entertaining, educational, and empowering ways, her illuminating seminars are life-changing. Taylor has spoken to thousands of attendees around the world and is frequently invited back — perhaps the biggest compliment a speaker can receive.

Dr. Taylor is founder and president of Realizations Inc, a nonprofit corporation that engages in brain-function research and provides related educational resources. Her website is a source of valuable brain-function information.


Darren Morton, BEd, MAppSc, PhD, AAESS, ASMS

Dr Morton is an internationally recognised Lifestyle Medicine Expert. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and Certified Diplomate of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Presently he is the Course Convenor for Postgraduate Studies in Lifestyle Medicine at Avondale where he also supervises several doctoral students.

Dr Morton is the author of four books and approximately 50 publications in scientific and medical journals. He has presented to corporate, education and community groups around the world and is an invited speaker at international academic conferences. He has also been awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the Australian university sector.

Dr Morton’s specialty is in the creation of evidence-based lifestyle interventions. He was a key developer of, and presenter in, the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) which is a premier Lifestyle Medicine intervention targeting chronic diseases that now operates in over 10 countries around the world. More recently, Dr Morton has created The Lift Project® which incorporates evidence-based strategies from Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology for improving emotional vitality.

In his spare time, Darren loves being active outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


David Stojcic, BA Bus.Adm., BA Th., Grad.Dip. Couns., Grad.Dip. Fam. Dsp.Res., MA Lead & Man., PhD candidate Couns., ACCA, VADR, NCCA

David Stojcic holds postgraduate qualifications in Counselling, Family Mediation and Leadership, and Management. For the last 30 years, he has worked in a not-for-profit sector in Europe, Asia, and Australia where he held senior leadership roles.

David is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Counselling with a particular interest in brain function and temperament theory and therapy.

He is a co-founder of a health-promotion charity, 4D Living Lifestyle Health Clinic and he regularly speaks on the radio on various topics that pertain to mental health.

David is an Associate Director of Dr. Neil Nedley’s Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program and together with his dedicated team of professionals and volunteers he regularly runs community-based depression and anxiety recovery programs in Newcastle.

In his rich and diverse career, David has spent thousands of hours counselling depressed people, and he has seen amazing recovery among those who have taken a holistic approach to health; an approach that is consistent with and complementary to an evidence-based bio-psycho-social-lifestyle model of treatment. David is passionate about empowering people to live a full and deeply meaningful life.


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