Final Preparation for the Intensive Lifestyle Change Period

Diabetic Health Clinic, Session 7 with Peter Pratt at Warabrook, Newcastle, NSW. Next week we are starting with either “clean eating” (a combination of juicing and unprocessed food) or juicing.

We have taken this 30-day journey with 40-50 people last year and, all we can say, it’s been a life-changing experience. What it does to one’s health, and even the way we see ourselves is nothing short of amazing. For this reason, our team at 4D Living – Lifestyle Health Clinic have decided to make this program available to the public free of charge.

We hope many people in our community will regain their health through this amazing program.

The Diabetic Health Clinic is running the DHC Lifestyle Program in Newcastle

Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Education Program with Peter Pratt at Warabrook, NSW – Session 3. The topic presented tonight deals with the issues of blood sugar, insulin resistance, metabolism and obesity. The session will be repeated tomorrow (Sunday, 3rd Sep) at 3pm at the same venue – Warabrook Community Centre.

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