Changing the Health Of Kilcoy – 2018

February the 4th marked the start of a 4dLiving and Diabetic Health Clinic special project. Below are week by week videos that will provide some insights into this special project.

Changing the Heath Of Kilcoy Promotional Video

Session 1

The Diabetic Health Clinic program sponsored by together with the local community and along with some of the medical professionals in town is undertaking to change the health of the town. Week 1 was amazing. Over 300 people came along. It just goes to show that people do actually want to do the right thing however with so much misinformation out there it is confusing and often people are so disappointed with their efforts. We are looking forward to the program as it continues because Kilcoy has stood up and said enough is enough!

Session 2

In week 2 we start to learn about what could be the cause of our lifestyle diseases. Many people don’t realise just how damaging certain foods are to the human body and this information for many people is eye opening. During session 2 many people start to visualise that maybe a better state of health is possible. It is a exciting realisation.

Session 3

In session 3 we discover how the metabolic system is put under pressure in our modern day society. This is information that everyone should undersdand as having this knowledge allows a person to understand what choices need to be made to ensure that good health is maintained.

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